First… Thank you for clicking on the email!
It is our honor to serve agencies like yours year after year.

Our projects are 100% free and require no work from your agency.  We reach out to your local businesses to purchase advertising spots on a wall calendar that we custom build for your agency.  After the project is completely finished, we share the profits from the project 60/40 in your favor.  It’s that simple!

But during this special promotion for the state of Texas, we are reaching into our own pockets to give you an additional check, up-front, simply for choosing our company to produce your next calendar project.  This means the moment you sign-up, we mail you a check to the fund of your choice.  Need money for equipment, a drug program, K-9 Unit, etc?  Get $500 instantly by contacting us to schedule your 2018 Calendar Project.

Need $1,000 instantly?  Don’t we all!  Call or email us to see if you qualify for $1,000.  The short answer is we can raise more money in larger counties, but it doesn’t need to be as large as you’re probably thinking.  We use our years of experience and local demographic software to determine projected raised amounts.  With that in mind, call or email us and we will first let you know the projected total amount and then we’ll determine if you qualify for an additional $500 or $1,000.   The call will take less than 5 minutes to determine and answer questions.

The key, of course, is to contact us!
But don’t worry about which number to call, simply call the owner, Brian K. Hill, directly on his cell phone at (314) 307-1755 or email him at

Lastly, this past year, we partnered with a magnet company to begin offering matching magnets with your wall calendar.  After the calendars are delivered, you will receive free magnets to pass out as well.  Both products are a phenomenal way to reach out to your community.  People tend to be more welcoming when you bring them a free gift!

Come visit us at the Texas Sheriffs’ Association Conference in Grapevine to pick up your free SEC Football Poster!


Thank you for your time and we hope to partner with you and your agency.  If you need references, we have partnered with many sheriffs in your state already and have for years, so just let us know.  And if you are one of those happy agencies that just so happened to click on the email, thank you for your partnership and we look forward to serving you again.