Benefits for Law Enforcement

When choosing a calendar company, your primary focus should be customer service and quality. Law enforcement calendars have been around for over 50 years, so there are many companies to choose from that all produce similar products and raise money for your department. Regardless of your choice, you are going to win. Your agency will receive a free calendar and hopefully a check too. The difference comes down to the quality of your win. Example, you just heard this… “You won a free car filled with money!” The difference comes down to whether you just won a “VW Beetle filled with George Washingtons” or a “Rolls Royce filled with Benjamin Franklins.”

All American Calendars is your Rolls Royce of calendar companies. We are here to serve you and your sponsors, and we would be honored to partner with your agency. Below are some of the many reasons to put your trust in our company.


Reasons to have Department Calendars

  1. Raise Community awareness for your Department
  2. Helps Build Community support and loyalty
  3. Provides a way for your merchants to physically display their support
  4. Use your proceeds to:
    • Fund Anti-Drug Programs (D.A.R.E.)
    • Update Safety Equipment
    • Fund Special Projects
    • Expand your Existing Budgets
    • Provide Additional Training
    • Purchase Medals of Honor and Awards
    • Purchase New Uniforms, Office Supplies, Etc.
    • Support Toys for Tots and other Child Programs
    • Most Importantly… To Better Protect and Serve

Reasons to choose All American Calendars

  1. We handle the Entire calendar project from Start to Finish.(Absolutely No Work or Cost required by your Department)
  2. We give you a guaranteed, non-refundable, up-front advance of your proceeds from the calendar… with possibly more to come when we finish.
  3. We print the Entire Calendar, including the Sponsoring Ads, in Full Color.
  4. We hire a Photographer for your pictures.
  5. We print up to 1,000 Copies per set (unlike 200 per set provided by other printing companies)
  6. All Calendars are printed by Christmas!
  7. We deliver copies to Every Businessthat participated with an attached “Thank you letter” and Personal Message from you!